Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Red River Valley

Red River Valley (1936)
Staring Gene Autry Smiley Burnett, Frances Grant
Directed by. B. Reeves Eason

After an explosion at a dam, Gene Autry is hired as a ditch rider and sets out to find out who is trying to sabotage the construction.

This is a fairly bland and typical Autry film, where he gets put out to figure out who is trying to profit from the destruction of a dam being built by a town. It's of course an evil banker, who gets aided by the man spurned by the daughter of the man building the dam after she falls for the charms of Gene Autry. And the story proceeds exactly how you expect it to.

It's not that this film is bad, it's competently made, it's just bland and kind of boring. Honestly I wish that it would of been bad cause then at least it would be easier to write about. Some of the songs are alright.

This is basically the perfect example of a cheapie B western from the thirties. It's decent and good to fill an hour, but it would of been the weakest part of whatever double or triple feature that it was book into. I'd not recommend it.

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