Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Pistol for Django (1971) AKA Django's Cut Price Corpses
Dir: Luigi Batzella
Staring Jeff Cameron, John Desmont

Django (Cameron) crosses the border on the hunt for the bandits the Cortes brothers.

This is considered to be the best of the three westerns made by Luigi Batzella. Which is unfortunate because this is a boring movie. It's bland, and kind of dull. Jeff Cameron is Django, who crosses over the border on the hunt for the Cortes Brothers, who robbed a bank and kidnapped a woman, and are hiding out somewhere. Django gets hired to find them, but not to kill them until he can find out where the gold they stole is being kept. He also teams up with Pitwick (Desmont), who is after the gang because they stole his saddle, even though he doesn't own a horse.

Things happen, and everything gets tied up nicely in the end, but at the same time it was hard to care about it. This is actually the worst kind of bad movie. Something like Revenge of the Virgins I could at least say it's bad, but at least it's kind of interesting cause it's weird. This one is just bad. It's kind of like why Moonraker is a better Bond movie than Octopussy. Both are bad, but Moonraker's main problem is that it's just kind of dumb. Octopussy is not only bad, but it's also boring. Plus Moonraker has this awesome scene, this is one of the most badass moments that Roger Moore's Bond got.

Honestly the movie felt like is was trying to hard to fill out a run time. The same story could of been told better in a shorter run time, like a television episode or one of the short poverty row B westerns. There's a quick scene where the Cortes Bros attack a stagecoach. That's the best and most exciting part of the movie. And it's less than 5 minutes long.

Just avoid this one. I kind of wanted to stop halfway through this one but I forced myself to see it to the end, so I didn't feel like I had wasted forty minutes. Instead I wasted ninety minutes.

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