Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Few Dollars for Django

A Few Dollars for Django (1966) AKA Some Dollars for Django, Django: A Bullet for You
Dir: León Klimovsky, Enzo G. Castellari
Staring Anthony Steffen, Gloria Osuna, Frank Wolff

While looking for some outlaws, bounty hunter Regan (Steffen) assumes the role of sheriff and has to deal with a range war between cattle farmers.

So this is a weird case were they obviously just slapped the Django name onto a movie. The real Django was released only a month before this film, which name aside seems more like a rip off of the Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone movies.(Hmm, that sounds familiar.) But I guess that makes this the first of the Django knockoffs, so I guess it gets points for that.

Steffen plays a bounty hunter named Regan, who is traveling looking for three outlaws, and after coming across a dead body wearing a sheriff's star, he takes the star, pins it to his shirt, and after arriving in town everyone assumes that he's the new town sheriff. He then gets involved a cattle war, where two of his bounties are on one side, and the other bounty's twin brother is on the opposite side.

The movie spends most of its time dealing with Regan wondering if kind Trevor Norton (Wolff) is actually wanted outlaw Jim Norton, while Trevor's niece Sally (Osuna) begins to show romantic interest in Regan. Most of the shenanigans involving the cattle war were a bit dull. The stuff with Regan and Trevor was more interesting and I wish that would of been the story rather than dealing with the fueding townspeople. And the romance subplot with Regan and Sally is kind of dull. The action scenes are pretty good.

It's also odd that there's a war between cattle farmers, with battles that take place on their property, but there is not a cow to be seen anywhere in the film. I mean I know it was a budget thing, but they would of been better off having the plot revolve around a land scheme or something.

This is kind of a boilerplate by the book movie. Like A Noose for Django, there isn't anything amazing or stand out about it, it's just kind of there. Honestly, it isn't bad, but it's a movie that is helped by it having a short run time. It's not something that I'd break my neck to see, but it's enjoyable.

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