Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again

The Apple Dumplingang Rides Again (1979)
Dir. Vincent McEveety
Staring Don Knotts, Tim Conway, Harry Morgan, Tim Matheson, Jack Elam, Kenneth Mars

After setting out on their own again with plans to go straight, Amos (Conway) and Theodore (Knotts) get mistaken for bank robbers, then go on the run and get involved with some shenanigans involving someone attacking the local calvary outpost.

I guess after talking about the first one I should go and do the sequel.

After the success of the previous film, this movie follows Conway and Knotts characters, who are now calling them selves the Apple Dumpling Gang rather than Hashknife Outfit like the previous film. They were the best part of the first movie, so it makes sense. (Also Bixby was probably busy being the Hulk). But this puts them front and center, and tells a story of them basically failing upwards. After the walk into the bank robbery at the beginning of the film, scenes are basically them getting into a dangerous situation and screwing up and accidentally beating their opponents. It's something that manages to stay fresh and fun. Part of that can be attributed to Kenneth Mars Wooly Bill Hitchcock being a good foil cool for the two, as he keeps getting the worse end of every encounter with the duo.

The rest of the plot involves someone attacking wagons being attacked near the outpost and supplies being involved, and Tim Mattheson's character investigating and wooing the commanders daughter. It wasn't the best thing about the film but I enjoyed it better than the stuff with the kids and the two adults romancing each other.

Overall I think it's probably better than the first one. It was more fun at least.

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