Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Oklahoma Cyclone

Oklahoma Cyclone (1930)
Dir: John P. McCarthy
Staring Bob Steele, Rita Rey, Al St. John

A cowboy poses as an outlaw in order in order to find his missing father.

So this is an early Bob Steele talkie, and it seems like an emphasis was made on including a lot of dialogue. I give them credit for diving into the world of sound pictures head first, but at the same time some of the talking scenes are overlong and unfortunately gives the film kind of a slow pace. There's a scene featuring 2 characters talking beside a campfire that is basically a static shot of the two men for about 5 minutes. And at the same time there's a couple of intertitles that date it from the transitional period between silent and talkie pictures. Which is probably the most interesting thing about the movie. It's not awful, and it isn't great. Story is pretty routine. Actors do a good job with what they are given. But it's obvious that they aren't comfortable talking on camera yet. The hispanic actors seem more adept with the dialogue than the white actors at this point.

Honestly, unless you're just interested in seeing something from the early talkie period, I would avoid it.

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