Wednesday, January 13, 2016

VIva! Django

Viva! Django (1971) AKA W Django, A Man Called Django
Dir. Edoardo Mulargia (as Edward Miller)
Cast: Anthony Steffen, Stelio Candelli, Glauco Onorato

Django (Steffen) is hunting for the men that murdered his wife, and teams up with a horse thief that knows who is responsible.

This film is another film that stars Anthony Steffen as Django, following the earlier Django the Bastard. That film was interesting due to it's horror elements, but this film is a much more traditional revenge film. Some guys killed Django's wife, and he needs the help of a thief named Carranze (Onorato) to track the men down. This film is pretty entertaining due to the violence. Action scenes are fun, and the movie as a lot of cool kill shots.

Steffen is a good Django, but the best thing about the film is Glauco Onorato as the thief Carranze. The film gets a real boost of energy when he enters the film. The two have decent chemistry together, and he saves the film from being just grim Django wandering around for 90 minutes.

This film is obviously a cheap quickie pumped out to capitalize on the Django name. The most obvious sign of that is that the film is devoid of extras or any towns people that don't have lines or are members of the gangs that Django is fighting. But the film does have some great camera work, and that helps the film a good bit. The camera's movements during action scenes help give the film character, and it helps the film feel more alive.

Overall this is a fun, quick little film. It's not revolutionary or groundbreaking, but it's entertaining and moves by rather quickly. It's not as good as Django the Bastard, and I'd recommend that over this, but this is not without it's charm.

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